Thursday, July 23, 2015

More than Salt and Pepper has moved

Hi everyone,

For some strange reason Blogger sent out notification of an old post of mine to my subscriber list. I apologize if you received it. It's an old post from a few years ago and is now irrelevant. I am working with them to address the issue as I suspect it is probably some glitch. 

On another note, I'd like to let my subscribers know that as of now "this" More than Salt and Pepper blog is going to be deactivated soon. However, it's not going away because, as I have been mentioning for some time now, it is getting a much needed update. If you'd like to follow along, (I'd love that very much) you can now visit my new website at

On the menu bar, you will find More Than Salt and Pepper Blog. I hope that you come by and see other creative work that I'm working on. More than Salt and pepper will continue to evolve and I'd love to continue to share it with you. 

Have a lovely week!

-Camila Salgado

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